Thrifty News Digest March 17, 2014

  • Working mums stand to lose up to €200,000 from pensions
    Working women who take time off to raise a family face losing up to €200,000 from their pension due to what have been claimed are serious inequities in the system.
  • Nordic giant gains from obesity epidemic
    Have cheats with smartphones killed off the pub quiz? I hope not because I have a really good question that would have the entire pub groaning in disbelief when the MC comes up with the answer.
  • How to wake up from a joint-mortgage nightmare
    THE runaway house prices of the boom years forced many people to hook up with their friends, siblings or parents to get on to the property ladder. Those prices are a distant memory for most homeowners now.
  • Time to get off brand wagon – you can save and buy Irish
    OUR loyalty to branded groceries is costing us hugely. Some people have twigged that massive savings can be made by opting for private-label goods in supermarkets, but many still remain wedded to brand buying.
  • Can I get part of debts written off under new laws?
    QI have run into trouble with debt because I’ve lost my job. My home is worth €150,000 but its loan is €290,000. I also have credit card bills. I’m single, in my early thirties and confident of getting a new job. Can I get part of my debts written off now using the new personal insolvency rules?

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