Thrifty News Digest January 6, 2014

  • PepsiCo could add a little fizz to any portfolio
    I fancy if you were to stop the average man or woman in the street and confront them with the names Coca-Cola and Pepsi, apart from commenting that the two mighty American soft drink manufacturers have an endless appetite for marketing wars and that both have successful Irish operations, not a great deal more would be known.
  • How to act your age when it comes down to finances
    Five years ago, a friend told me: “Enjoy your own money — while you can”. Two children, childcare fees, and a hefty mortgage later, I finally understand what she meant.
  • The hottest investments to make your 2014 fortune
    IT’S three years since Ireland has been able to ring in a New Year without the €85bn bailout hanging over us. With Europe and the US expected to start getting their economies back on their feet this year — albeit slowly — optimism is in the air.
  • Make sure you keep off the slippery slope
    MANY people take to the slopes at this time of year. Although skiing and snowboarding holidays can be great fun, Michael Schumacher’s ski accident over Christmas shows that you could have more chance of getting seriously injured on a skiing holiday than during a week in the sun.
  • Stay-at-home mums lose out on pensions
    Stay-at-home mums are losing out on €100,000s of pension benefits, according to Dublin pension firm, Independent Trustee Company (ITC).

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