Thrifty News Digest January 27, 2014

  • Debt deals may exclude loans from credit unions
    THE insolvency service has hit a new stumbling block after it emerged that thousands of financially stricken people may be unable to get credit union loans included in debt deals.
  • Energy-proof your home smartly and save a fortune
    MY husband and I have spent the last year turning a cold and poorly insulated bungalow into a warm energy-efficient home. Tough work.
  • Banks the only winners when we're hooked on credit cards
    SOMETIMES it can seem that this little country of ours is run solely for the convenience of banks.
  • Ten tips to help smoothpath to warmth
    1. Do your homework. If getting insulation pumped into the walls, it could take a couple of weeks before you notice any difference – and by that stage, you will have paid for the job. Unless you’re an insulation expert – or you stand over the back of the contractor while he is doing the job, you have no real way of knowing what he’s pumping into your walls. It’s important therefore to choose a contractor who is registered with the SEAI. If you have a trusted local builder who is not registered, ask him to become registered as it is free to do so. Before giving a contractor the go ahead, ask him what materials are used. Ensure the materials have been approved and tested by a national authority, such as the National Standards Authority of Ireland.
  • EU set to beef up food fraud laws after horsemeat scandal
    If you’re still avoiding beef burgers after last year’s horsemeat scandal, you might be relieved to hear that the European Parliament plans to introduce tougher penalties for food-chain fraud.

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