Thrifty News Digest January 20, 2014

  • Mortgage arrears will peak in the first quarter of this year – Fitch
    THE mortgage crisis will hit its worst level over the next three months but is finally set to stabilise, according to rating agency Fitch.
  • Lost out on that house? You've been gazumped
    Desperate house buyers in sought-after areas of Dublin are resorting to “gazumping” as property prices continue to soar in the capital.
  • Don't regret not putting money aside for your golden years . . .
    Regrets . . . which of us do not have a few of them? People report that among the most common sources of regret as they grow older are picking the wrong career path, with others still hankering after the one that got away. And not saving enough for retirement seems to feature every time that a survey is done on people of advanced years.
  • Facing the storm of home insurance costs
    The cost of the recent storm damage could run into hundreds of millions of euro. It stands to reason that if the volume of home insurance claims goes up as a result, so too will the cost of premiums.
  • How to sidestep the grasp and clutch of Mr Taxman
    We’re all sick to the teeth of tax. The tax hikes of the last few years mean that many of us are kissing goodbye to more than half of our salary in tax –a bitter bill to swallow at any time, but particularly so when we are working longer and harder than ever before. We also have to cough up for property tax, and the bills for water charges will soon arrive.

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