Thrifty News Digest November 4, 2013

  • Coffin up to bury a loved one can leave you deep in debt
    ONE of the more mean-spirited cuts in last month’s Budget was the axing of the €850 bereavement grant. As a funeral bill can easily run into tens of thousands of euro, the loss of this allowance will be a blow to anyone who has to cough up to bury a loved one next year.
  • Make me Richer
    While the pre-pay market has traditionally been too expensive for anyone but hard-pressed students and those who live in constant fear of bill shock, the incredibly competitive Irish mobile phone market has meant that the pre-pay market is now worth considering if you already have a phone and your contract has expired. It’s worthwhile knowing how often you use your phone and for what, as most of the phone providers offer value depending on how you use the phone. We’ve compared prices for someone who talks for 30 minutes and sends five text messages per day, with moderate data usage.
  • €6m magical pile in Phoenix Park goes on sale
    NOT many Dublin homeowners can tell you that the morning walk around the outskirts of their garden amounts to a full mile.
  • Danske Bank Q&A
    Q I am a customer of Danske Bank, what will happen to my account?
  • How can I reduce my credit-card debt before applying for a mortgage?
    I had been ignoring my credit-card balance for a while and just paying the minimum amount each month. I’ve ended up owing €3,000 and am very worried now. I’d like to start saving for a home in a few years but realise I have to clear my debts first. I don’t know where to start – can you help? Shane

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