Thrifty News Digest October 14, 2013

  • €600 savings on offer in health cover price war
    FAMILIES could save up to €600 a year as a price war breaks out between health insurers.
  • More saving – but we're scared it's not enough
    PEOPLE are more positive about saving than any time since the beginning of last year – but we still worry we are not saving enough, a new survey shows.
  • Austerity budgets have cost us up to €84k in five years
    ON Tuesday, the country will be hit with its seventh austerity Budget – about five years since the first hairshirt Budget dug its claws into us.
  • Recovery index
    There’s nothing polar bears like more than a banjaxed economy. Less economic activity means fewer factories belching out toxic gases, which is jolly good news for the melting ice caps and the polar bears. It’s a bit rubbish for the rest of us in the short term, as weak economies mean higher unemployment, lower wages and general misery. But at least we can breathe. Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions had risen by a full 1 per cent in 2012. We now emit 57.92m tonnes of gack. Much of the increase was due to a 5.9 per cent increase in energy generation emissions. As an economic indicator it shows recovery taking hold.
  • Hey big saver, spend a little time with me
    MOST people would prefer to fall in love with a saver rather than a big spender.

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