Thrifty News Digest June 3, 2013

  • Savers face rate cuts of over 40pc in State schemes
    FUTURE savers will be hit by swingeing cuts in the interest rates paid on state savings products after banks put intense pressure on the Government to lower them.
  • Make me richer
    As the owner of a fruit and vegetable shop in Dublin, rotten apples are the least of your worries. You’re more concerned about the chances of a customer slipping and falling on grapes. If a customer were badly injured in such a fall, you could easily have to cough up €60,000 in compensation. Public liability insurance, which covers you for any injuries in your shop, is therefore a must. Cover for a fruit and veg shop with €35,000 worth of stock and an annual turnover of €350,000. Between you and the other full-timer in the shop, you earn €65,000 a year. You’ve got property insurance for your shop – where you’ve insured the contents for €60,000, and the building for €200,000. Public liability insurance quotes are from Chill Insurance.
  • Relief for families as incomes stop sliding
    THE disposable income of households has stopped falling for the first time in two years.
  • Firms may force pension liabilities on to the State
    COMPANIES will be put into examinership by their owners to escape their pension deficits and protect employees, a leading pensions expert predicted.
  • Annual gas bills 'to fall by €100'
    HOUSEHOLDERS will see their gas bills fall by around €100, experts predict.

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