Thrifty News Digest April 22, 2013

  • Calculate how much a mortgage is worth
    If your bank is putting you under pressure to give up your tracker mortgage – or if you’re negotiating a debt deal with your bank and your tracker is at stake, just how much of a discount off your mortgage should you be asking your bank for in return for giving up your tracker?
  • Louise McBride: Only give up your tracker if you get a big writedown
    The days of untouchable tracker mortgages are numbered. These mortgages – the cheapest around – are invaluable to hard-pressed homeowners. To a homeowner with €250,000 left to pay on their mortgage, a tracker mortgage could be worth almost €100,000, The Sunday Independent has learnt. To an investor with a similar mortgage, a tracker could be worth almost €150,000.
  • Women won't have to give up jobs to get debt deal
    WOMEN will not be forced to give up their jobs to get a deal on their mortgage debts.

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