Thrifty News Digest April 1, 2013

  • Property crash wipes €257bn off value of homes in six years
    IRELAND’S homeowners have collectively lost an estimated €257bn in property value in the six years since the market began to crumble, the Irish Independent can reveal.
  • The businesses that you can set up for less than €10,000
    though there are signs that the Irish economy is starting to turn a corner, over 400,000 people are still out of work. If you’ve just lost your job, you could turn your life around by setting up your own business and doing something you love.
  • Big savings accounts
    The events in Cyprus have cast uncertainty over big savings accounts here – that is, accounts containing over €100,000. There aren’t too many of them around. But are they now in the sights of eurocrats seeking to make depositors share the pain of bank bailouts rather than just the taxpayer? The Government says that the Cyprus bank raid was just a once-off, which means that Irish depositors with savings above €100,000 won’t be touched. It’s probably a good idea to have your savings spread among different banks or even in a cash fund. We’re comparing the “reef it out quick” rates for non-bailed-out banks on savings of over €100,000.
  • New law will allow banks to repossess homes by summer
    BANKS will be free to repossess homes and investment properties by the summer after the Government published new legislation.
  • Pensions group urges radical rule change over priority given to retired
    PENSION scheme trustees have demanded an end to the situation where those who have yet to retire are subsiding the pensions of retired members.

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