Thrifty News Digest January 28, 2013

  • Why investors are sweet on the global reach of Nestle brands

    As anyone who has read this column over the last two or three months will realise, I’m a fan of the idea that you spot the best investments by simply walking around. You can also get inspiration if you sit down and ‘shoot the breeze’. For instance, I met a colleague for coffee recently. We ordered coffees, a couple of San Pellegrino sparkling waters and some After Eight mints. We debated the merits of Pellegrino vs Perrier. Suddenly we realised we were bang in the middle of Nestle Country.

  • Insurers like to limit exposure to the weather

    THE severe winter weather that started to hit this country about 10 days ago has wreaked havoc with the day-to-day lives of many people. Drivers have grappled with snow, black ice and floods. Snowed-in families living off roads that never see council gritters have been stranded.

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