10 Best Frugal Tips for Christmas

Whether you have to be frugal or choose to be frugal this Christmas there is a ‘best’ way of cutting down on spending money without cutting down on the Christmas spirit of joy, peace and giving.

Siansplan.com Frugal Tips this Christmas

  1. Smile you’re way through. Your mood sets the mood for everyone.
  2. Make being frugal a challenge instead of a chore and bring everyone who shares Christmas with you into the challenge.
  3. Fill some of your time by Christmas baking with the children or going for walks instead of visiting shops.
  4. Compare prices for gifts and food using comparison sites. Shop online or visit shops with intent rather than browsing.
  5. Make a realistic meal plan and shopping list for at least four days over Christmas. Check out my eBook Sian’s Plan for Christmas Cooking [link: http:// siansplan.com/site/ebook] which has a meal plan for 12 days over Christmas.
  6. Avoid hoarding food. Keep a few leftover and store cupboard recipes in the kitchen to avoid food waste and money.
  7. Store fresh foods correctly to extend their life. Store lettuce and herbs in damp kitchen roll and place in air tight containers in the fridge. These will last well over 10 days this way.
  8. Ditch if you can! or at the very least, cut down the ‘food’ treats like salty snacks, fizzy drinks and tins of sweets. Buy a few small bags of sweets instead of large tins of sweets which are usually devoured no matter how many tins you buy.
  9. Reduce the amount or cost of presents for extended family, you will find it suits most family members. An alternative is to make and pack homemade gifts like Siansplan.com’s Sticky Toffee Christmas Pudding, Cranberry and Port Sauce etc.
  10. Hide the credit card unless you are able to pay off the credit before the end of the year.

Guest article by Sian Breslin of Siansplan.com, Meal Plan in Colour.

Sian’s Plan for Christmas eBook has over 40 Christmas recipes and a 12 day Christmas Meal Plan and shopping list. You can find it at siansplan.com/site/ebook
Sian has been a home economist, home management and cookery teacher for over 25 years. Her food blogs and meal plans are read by thousands in the UK and Ireland. She has a young grown up family of three boys. More recently Sian has created a Siansplan.com to help home cooks plan, shop and cook healthy meals within their budget and without wasting food.

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