Thrifty News Digest September 17, 2012

  • Rent rises and regulations lead tenants on a merry dance

    IT’S no secret that the collapse of the property market has forced hundreds of thousands to rent rather than buy their own home. What might come as a surprise is the cost of rent.

  • Make me richer: iPhone insurance

    The iPhone 5 is landing soon. Knackers all over the country are beside themselves with excitement. Lots of new phones to steal and people to mug. Waving a shiny smartphone out on the street is like catnip to skangers. Insurance to cover your new phone being stolen or broken is pricey enough… but not as much as paying for a new one. We’re going for a plain iPhone 4s 64gb with theft cover chucked in. It’s also worth looking at if you’ve a stack of other gizmos as well as an iPhone. Cover for five gadgets is €139 with a top payout of €1,000.

  • More than one in three mortgages turned down last year – new figures

    NEW figures show that over one in three mortgage applications last year to Irish banks were turned down.

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