Thrifty News Digest August 9, 2012

  • Ireland’s love affair with cash continues

    Irish consumers carry €78.2m in cash around with them every day and visit an ATM twice as often as other Europeans.

  • Charlie Weston: It’s time for some serious budgeting

    On average, households pay €163 more for their gas and €126 more for their electricity than they did a year ago. But you can avoid paying more. The quickest way to cut the cost of energy bills is still to switch suppliers.

  • Tips for saving money on your energy bills

    We all know by now that there are a few easy steps that can help reduce our energy bills such as replacing old style bulbs with CFLs and making sure we don’t leave our computers, TVs and gadgets on standby when we’re not using them.

  • If the price is right

    A new player in the market now offers a range of schemes that could potentially save a family with two young children up to €400 on their private healthcare costs, writes Charlie Weston

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