Thrifty News Digest May 31, 2012

  • Refunds to BoI credit card clients will cost bank €1m

    MORE than 1,500 credit card customers of Bank of Ireland have been refunded an average of €660 each after problems with payment insurance on their credit card accounts were uncovered.

  • Fans told not to skip mortgages for trip with Green Army

    FOOTBALL fans who skip their mortgage payments to fund a trip to the Euro 2012 Championships will end up scoring an own goal, they were warned yesterday.

  • Savers to lose out as banks cut high rates for deposits

    THE days of high interest rates for savers look numbered after nine banks reduced what they will pay to depositors.

  • State mortgage advice service to compete with private agency

    A NEW state body to advise distressed mortgage holders will face competition from a non-profit advice body set up by lawyers and business people.

  • Need a loan for Euro 2012?

    Given that Keith Andrews and Glenn Whelan are at the heart of the Irish midfield, it’s probably a little hasty to sell a kidney to fund a trip to the Euros. Credit card borrowing is miles too expensive and the banks aren’t exactly covering themselves in glory. Check out the credit union. We’ve priced the loan at Gorey Credit Union with its new standard rate loan. Borrowing €5,000 over three years. Obviously with credit unions there are a wodge of terms and conditions.

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