Thrifty News Digest November 14, 2011

  • Be careful what you wish for with an iPhone bundle

    If you’re planning to hit the shops over the next few weeks to track down the best iPhone deal, be prepared to be bamboozled.

  • Bank current account fees

    National Irish Bank is now the Despicable Me of banking. This is the bank that’s whacked up variable rates on its mortgages by a full per cent despite the fact that the ECB cut rates two weeks ago. Evil or what? While NIB is socking it to its variable rate mortgage customers, its current account clients are basking in the sunshine. Banks are cranking up the pressure on current accounts. You can pay a quarterly fee or pay every time you use an ATM or make a transaction. We’re comparing quarterly fees and not the pay-as-you-go accounts. And yes, we know that there are perks for certain accounts… but not everyone has a loan or an overdraft that qualifies. Figures from the Financial Regulator.

  • Ex-ministers stay silent on €8.8m pension pot

    FORMER ministers working in lucrative jobs last night declined to say if they would hand their State pensions back to the public purse.

  • AIB relents and passes on cut in interest rate to homeowners

    ALLIED Irish Banks cut its variable mortgage rate in a surprise move last night, despite being told by Finance Minister Michael Noonan that a reduction was not necessary.

  • Families hit for €3,000 more as price hikes fuel inflation

    Hard-pressed families are being hit for almost €3,000 more a year as increased mortgage rates and surging energy costs drive inflation higher.

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