Beware of online scams when shopping online

Beware of online scams when shopping online

More and more people are shopping online now, so it makes sense to educate yourself to the online scams that a person can fall for online.

The Irish Times ran an article recently on how Irish shoppers are now targets for scammers.

The following links will help you avoid be scammed:

  • Wikipedia have a full page of online scams that you can take a look at…Internet fraud refers to the use of Internet services to present fraudulent solicitations to prospective victims, to conduct fraudulent transactions, or to transmit the proceeds of fraud to financial institutions or to others connected with the scheme.
    Internet fraud can occur in chat rooms, email, message boards or on websites.Link:


  • provide a fantastic infographic listing all the major scams…

    As you’re probably aware, most scams won’t work unless a prospective victim willingly participates. So keep in mind: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.Link:


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