Measuring Ireland’s Progress – some highlights

Measuring Ireland’s Progress – some highlights

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has just released a report called Measuring Ireland’s Progress 2010.

The report contains some interesting findings…

  • Consumer prices fell in Ireland in 2009 and 2010 but prices remain high by EU standards.
  • Ireland was the fifth most expensive EU state in 2010, after Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and Sweden with prices 18% above the EU average.
  • In 2010, Ireland had the highest proportion of young people in the EU, and the lowest proportion of old people.
  • Inflation in Ireland fell in 2010, with Latvia being the only other EU state where prices fell.
  • In 2009, 5.5% of the population were in consistent poverty. This was an increase on the level recorded in 2008, when 4.2% of the population was living in consistent poverty.

You can download the full report in PDF format here.


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