Tips on Saving on Your car Insurance

Tips on Saving on Your car Insurance

As any experienced driver knows, the freedom of owning a car comes with its responsibilities. Not only do you have to keep the car clean and roadworthy but you also have to consider purchasing car insurance. Insurance is not necessarily cheap and car insurance in Ireland tends to be quite high, however, there are methods you can apply to cut back on the cost.

1. Drive Carefully

When it comes to insurance rates, how a person drives their car can play a big part in how much they pay. Be sensible and drive safely, and avoid penalty points or convictions. Any points or convictions relating to dangerous driving will undoubtedly influence your premium. Never ever drink and drive, or speed. A driver with any of these type of convictions on their record, is likely to find it difficult to get insurance and if they do, it’s likely to be expensive.

2. Choose your car carefully

Don’t choose a high power engine or luxury car as your first vehicle. These types of cars are typically more expensive to insure, especially for young and 1st time drivers. We’d recommend buying a car that has a smaller engine size, and is of a standard model, free of modifications.  High value, flashy cars are considered a high risk.

3. Shop Around

You do not have to go with the first insurance company that you find. No matter how professional they are or how well known they have proven themselves to be, you should still consider other options. The price you are presented with may not be the cheapest one, leaving you at a disadvantage. Research on the Internet or ask your friends or family members for referrals. You may not find what you want right away, but you will get more satisfying results.


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