Getting married? A special offer from could save you thousands

Getting married? A special offer from could save you thousands

Alison from recently contacted Thrifty Pages to let our readers know about a special offer for couples getting married.

It may not be fun and exciting but unfortunately money and weddings come hand in hand and of course money will often determine whether a couple can have their dream wedding!

Engaged couples planning a wedding do everything to get as much money together as they can and this is how can help…. now provide a service which reviews the couples PAYE taxes paid for the previous four years and processes any tax refund due. The average refund exceeds €770 per person, and can often be significantly higher. One recently married couple got an estimated a total refund of €6,176 in just 10 days.

In addition, for a limited period, when a couple make an application will provide free advice on the PAYE taxation of married couples. This is an area that should be carefully considered and planned in advance as a simple error could easily result in a couple paying addition taxes of €4,670 per year, if not more!

If reviews an application and do not estimate a refund they don’t charge a fee….so if a couple are planning for their big day or just need an extra few bob (and who doesn’t??) than applying to is a win-win.

Check it out and tell Alison that Thrifty Pages sent you 🙂

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