Top 10 list of SuperScrimper tips from C4

Top 10 list of SuperScrimper tips from C4

Channel 4 have been running a series called SuperScrimpers which is about saving money.

Some of the advice is somewhat eccentric but actually works! Unfortunately, unless you see it on TV you miss it as you can’t watch the show online from Ireland.

However, they provide some interesting advice on their website, including their top ten scrimping tips:

  • Add oats to your mince: this makes your meat go further. The oats soak up all the juices and flavourings, so it’s tasty too.
  • Instead of throwing away white underwear that’s looking a bit tired, dye it a different, bright colour and give it a whole new lease of life.
  • Instead of buying sink unblocker, use crushed egg shells instead.
  • Use the tops of spent socks to repair jumpers with frayed cuffs.
  • Use old magazines and newspapers to make birthday cards and wrapping paper.
  • Worn bedsheets can be given a new lease of life by cutting them down the middle (where they are most worn) and then stitching the outer edges (which are tucked under the mattress most of the time and aren’t worn) together to make a new sheet.
  • Make your own hair removal wax by melting sugar with water and lemon juice.
  • Put your candles in the freezer – cold wax burns more slowly and they will last longer.
  • Use a banana skin to clean silver instead of spending money on silver polish.
  • Don’t buy deodorisers for your shoes; put cat litter in them overnight instead.

You can also find some interesting behind the scenes information about families who were helped with their finances.

Worth a look for tidbits like this:

If you are cooking on a budget, then everyone has to eat the same meal, and it helps to plan the family menu a week at a time and then buy accordingly. Plus, if you have demanding children, shop online. That way you don’t get distracted or have to endure their pleas for things that they see while shopping.

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