Thrifty News Digest May 23, 2011

  • Home phone & broadband combo Share dealings Personal loan Gas and electricity

    It’s hard to keep up with which footballer has got a superinjunction. Apparently there’s all kinds of interesting stuff on Twitter. Not that we’d be interested in tittle tattle about **** ***** or how he managed to play so well, given that he’d been up to so much mischief. For a heavy enough user with 8mb broadband and 750 minutes of local calls and 150 minutes of mobile calls, with quotes from

  • How to get most out of a student holiday

    IT’S only a few weeks before college students throw away the last of this year’s exam papers and head off on three months’ holidays. Many will take the opportunity to backpack around the world — but unless they do so wisely, mammy or daddy could end up paying for that trip for years to come.

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