Thrifty News Digest March 3, 2011

  • Best thing ever.
    Right, I know that this clip has nothing to do with prices or the like but it has brightened up my day no end so it would be wrong not to share!
  • I’m loving it…
    I wrote a piece a couple of weeks back about a move among some restaurants to include nutritional information about the food they serve on their menus. Bay, in Clontarf, was first out of the traps with a menu containing a dizziying array of logos and icons detailing exactly what went into evey meal. I went […]
  • Eh, there must be some mistake…
    Dear Pricewatch blog. I know that we have grown apart these last few months but despite that, we appear to have made it on to the (long) shortlist in a category for the Irish Blog Awards. While I am obviously honoured to be on the list in the company of some very fine journalists […]
  • Pricepoints: Flipping good Shrove Tuesday treats

    Pancake Tuesday is coming soon and supermarkets are already stocked with pancake mix, lemons and special pans.

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