Thrifty News Digest March 24, 2011

  • Common currency: Rehabilitate your pension

    MOST private sector workers who have pensions are engaged in “pensions rehabilitation” in a bid to recover from massive losses over the past three years, Friends First has said.

  • Tracker holders may get cash incentive to pay early

    MAJOR lenders are considering offering tracker mortgage holders a financial incentive to pay down their mortgages faster.

  • Hard-up consumers bin 100,000 credit cards

    CASH-strapped consumers are cutting up their credit cards in record numbers as the recession continues to bite.

  • The ad that never was…
    This is the Nike ad that supposedly celebrates England winning the Grand Slam in Dublin on Saturday. The only problem is that England did not actually win the Grand Slam in Dublin on Saturday. The orignal youtube video I linked to via Twitter yesterday has been removed – by who, I have no idea – […]
  • Cheap flights
    How am I only seeing this now? More than a million other people got there before me, for shame.
  • Mortgage holders face rate rise prospect

    HOMEOWNERS were last night again facing the prospect of an interest rake hike next month.

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