Consumers at risk when a trader goes out of business

Consumers at risk when a trader goes out of business

There are quite a few businesses going bust in Ireland these days.

The National Consumer Agency has just gathered together some tips on how consumers can protect themselves from insolvencies, liquidations and receiverships.

  • If your card provider offers a chargeback facility, pay by credit card or by debit card.
  • Ask the trader how long delivery will take and, if you are happy with this timeframe, get them to put this in writing before you place a deposit.  This may help when dealing with a receiver.
  • Consider the contract seriously before paying a large deposit on goods that will take a long time to be delivered or when deciding to pay the full amount in advance.
  • If you have paid for expensive items, don’t ask the retailer to hold or store them for you for indefinite periods. When goods are delivered, check immediately for possible faults and that the goods are in fact the items you paid for.
  • Don’t hold on to credit notes or gift vouchers for too long.

These tips and more are on the National Consumer Agency website.


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