Make money by renting your stuff

Make money by renting your stuff

Do you have an unused set of golf clubs, a bouncy castle or a trailer?

Did you ever consider that it might actually be useful to someone else and a source of revenue for you?

The phenomenon of  ‘peer-to-peer renting’ is relatively new and has taken off with some new online services making it very easy to rent almost anything…

Wikipedia explains it thus:

Peer-to-peer renting refers to the process of an individual renting an owned good to another individual. It is also referred to as peer rental, or P2P renting. The term is mainly used to describe online enabled rental transactions between individuals.

Individuals have been renting from each other for decades, in particular in the real estate domain. However, with Internet acting as a facilitator, the extent of categories of goods rented between individuals has significantly increased, including household items, computer and electronics, sport and leisure goods, clothing and accessories…

There have been several high profile articles on this in the media recently , the Sunday Times, on the Consumerist website and in the Boston Globe.

What you may not know is that some bright sparks have set up a website where Irish people can literally rent anything… is Ireland’s first and only online rental marketplace. It’s a website for individuals and businesses to rent stuff to and from each other. It is the only website in Ireland where you can rent ANYTHING! Whether you are looking to make money renting out what you have, or save money renting the things you need, can help.

You could rent a Silver Hummer, a Wedding Dress and a Jack Hammer all on the same day.

That would be an interesting afternoon. Saving some money by doing some contract roadworks on the way to your wedding 🙂


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