Avoiding Christmas Debt This Year

Christmas is a time of year we all love to enjoy. We all have our own traditions, but the vast majority of us will be indulging on fine foods, seasonal drinks and having a merry time with family and friends. 

Unfortunately, the cost of Christmas can soon add up and can leave some of us searching down the back of the couch for spare change. So how can you save money this Christmas, still enjoy your celebrations and avoid debt at the same time? 

Don't do your shopping all at once

Some people make the mistake of going out one day and picking up everything they need there and then.

This, although convenient for some people, will not save them any money. If you just buy everything in one place in one go, you will be missing out on the savings some other stores have to offer.

It is better to spread your shopping out over a longer period of time (a few months, for example) – than do it all at once. This is because you will be able to pick things up along the way from different stores and should make an overall saving (providing you don't waste your money on things you don't need). It's fact that items are priced differently in different stores – so make the most of this!

Use discount vouchers on items you need to buy

Before you head out shopping, search the internet for discount vouchers on items you actually need to buy. For example, if you are heading out to buy some food for your Christmas dinner, see if you can find some vouchers for the store(s) you are heading to. 

You may be able to get 10% off your shopping, or may be able to get some items for free – it all depends what's on offer.

Even if you can't find any, keep your eyes peeled for offers while you're in the store. Some stores run buy-one-get-two-free offers around this time of year – which can be great value if you actually need the item.

Ask party guests to contribute 

If you're planning to hold a party to celebrate Christmas this year, you should ask your guests to contribute to the food/drink to save you money.

It needn't be much, but if each guest brings just one item of food, it will save you having to hit the store and spend even more money! For example, you could ask one guest to bring some sandwiches, while someone else could bring some drinks… you get the picture!

Don't waste a thing!

Whatever you don't use this Christmas – save! For example, on Christmas day itself, the meat you didn't manage to fit onto everyone's plates for dinner can be saved and used as sandwich meat for the day after Christmas.

In addition, any snacks you don't manage to eat can be saved and kept for another time (providing they don't go stale/out of date). Some people even encourage the careful opening of presents so they can save the wrapping paper! 

If you are struggling with debt this Christmas, help is available –



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