Live4Less – a discount card for people on social welfare

With all the new entrant onto the live register, a new service may be very interesting…

Live4Less is a discount card designed exclusively for people in receipt of a social welfare payment. 

Live4Less have enlisted a number of companies including Vodafone, Irish Rail, The Carphone Warehouse, IMC Cinemas, Curves Gym to offer a discounted rate or unique promotion to Live4Less customers. 

At present there are over 90 businesses where cardholders receive a discount and they are adding new ones every day. To avail of the discount Live4Less customers simply need to produce their card or include the associate discount code at the time of purchase.

The card is also available for purchase as a gift card which means people can buy the card as a gift for someone they know who is receiving a social welfare payment.

The card costs €10 and is valid for one year. You can purchase a card online or by downloading an application form and sending it by post.

Live4Less is also beneficial for businesses as there is no cost to get involved and provides an easy way to meet their corporate social responsibility. In return for providing a discount, businesses are promoted and advertised through our various channels free of charge.

For more information or to purchase a card log onto

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