Travel insurance may not cover ‘acts of God’

If you have been travelling recently you will know all about a certain volcano called Eyjafjallajökull (pronounce that?!) in Iceland. It has been erupting recently, for those who have been asleep.

The Irish Independent ran an great article on how your travel insurance may or may not cover you:

Brokers here say that insurers are refusing, in most cases, to cover
claims resulting from the volcanic ash disruption because they are
interpreting the event as an 'act of God'.

They offer some advice from the Irish Insurance Federation about making a claim…

However, Jane O'Driscoll of the Irish Insurance Federation, which represents insurance companies, dismisses claims about 'act of God' exclusions.

"The act of God argument is a red herring," she said. "The disruption was caused by a volcanic eruption."


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