Sell your old mobile for cash

Sell your old mobile for cash

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Why didn't they have mobile phones in the 1920s?  Think how many misunderstandings in the world could have been avoided.  - Sophie Kinsella

If you have an embarrassing old mobile phone from 1825 sitting in a drawer at home, looking like a large plastic brick, what can you do with it?

  • Use it as a paperweight
  • Pretend to be a baddy from the A-Team or Knight Rider (I was a 1980s child and all baddies on TV had huge mobile phones in the 1980s).
  • Sell it for cash.

Now, suggestion number three sounds a bit strange, but there is somebody out there willing to pay cold hard cash for old mobiles. The good people of have a website where you can actually value your old mobile, send it to them and then they send you money in just seven days!

I can see all those old TV villains looking through the garden shed for that old mobile phone from 1825. But it won't be there because BA destroyed it using it as a weapon to take out a few henchmen.

On a more serious note, some mobile phones can contain dangerous and hazardous substances like cadmium, lead, brominated flame retardants and beryllium. These metals are relatively harmless until they find their way to landfill sites where they degrade and can cause serious damage to the environment.

So recycling your old Mobile with is good for the environment and your pocket!


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  1. techy2009 says:

    Very informative post!
    I agree that mobile phone recycling is a great way of helping the environment in our own little way. And on top of that when you can earn a bit of cash, it doesn’t hurt at all.
    I have recently sold my old Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets at
    They offered me some great deals. Got some cash for handsets which I no longer use and at the same time, I also ‘recycled’ my handsets instead of throwing them in the bin.
    Very impressed with their service. Would highly recommend.

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