Fatcheese.ie helps you save money with online retailers

Maya Kamourieh and Ahmed Zaman have been running a website in the UK called Fatcheese.co.uk since early 2009 and have just launched a sister site for Ireland called Fatcheese.ie.

Fatcheese helps people save money on their online shopping. 

The Fatcheese site works with several hundred online retailers (Tesco, Sky and Apple amongst others) who reward Fatcheese with a commission for sending traffic through to them. Fatcheese then passes on all of this commission back to the member who made the transaction in the form of cashback. 

The site is totally free to use... Fatcheese keep no funds from the commission themselves. The site is supported by the sale of advertising space.

If you shop online, Fatcheese is worth a look as you may get a bargain AND you can also earn extra money after even making your purchase.

Win-win, I should think…

Link: http://www.fatcheese.ie/

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