Make Christmas cards from old drink cans

I know that Thrifty Pages readers are a creative bunch, but I was particularly impressed to hear from a reader called Michelle Fallon.

Michelle appeared in Prudence magazine earlier this summer. In the Interview she says:

I didn’t do much once I left school and it wasn’t really until I moved to England (Newcastle) that I got back into [crafts].  I was looking for a christening card for a friend and wanted something handmade.  I found one I loved but it was £6 or £7.00 and the more I looked at it the more I thought, “I could make that”.  So, I headed to the nearest craft store and spent a small fortune on card, glue, scissors and God knows what else and the rest as they say is history.  I made the card and brought it into the office the following day where I was amazed at the response as everyone started putting in orders for cards.        

Michelle is a very big advocate of using something old to make something new.  She holds workshops on crafts and knitting so that she can teach others to do what she does.

I really like the idea she sent into me. She has an article on her blog about making Christmas cards out of old drink cans! 

Hurry up with that Coke, I need to send a card to me Great Aunt Hilda...


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