Budget 2010 Roundup

Well it happened.

The worst budget in the history of the Irish State. 

The budget summarised below:

There is lots to read around the web – here are some Thrifty picks…

Finally a quick quotation from the Ministers Budget speech:

We have taken bold, decisive and innovative steps to manage our way through this crisis. In all our actions, our concern has been to protect jobs, to provide a functioning banking system and to return this economy to the path of sustainable growth. We have sought to do all of this in a manner that is fair and that protects the most vulnerable.

And now a quotation from the Budget Statement of the Society of St Vincent de Paul (please excuse the extended quotation, but I wanted to get the figures in there):

The Society says that the reduction in the adult social welfare rate is very bad news. This cut will amount to €13.90 per week for a couple, which is compounded by the loss of the Christmas Bonus, increases in rent payable for social housing and private rented sector where rent supplement is given. In addition all families with children under 5 have lost €664 over the past year due to the cut in the Early Childcare Supplement.

Compared with this time last year, a single parent family with 2 children under 5 has sustained a cut of 10.4% in their income, or €1820 over the year, and a couple with 2 children under 5 have sustained a cut of € 2241 or 9.2% in their income. These cuts mean more hardship for families on social welfare, and will likely push people into debt.

“In the days before the budget, our Dublin office alone was receiving almost 500 calls a day seeking assistance.  We believe that this was partly due to the fact that there is no Christmas Bonus being paid this year.  We also have no doubt that, overall, this Budget will increase the calls for help that we, and other charities, will receive in the coming year” said Mairead Bushnell, SVP National President. 

There are two Irelands.  

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