Get a recycled bicycle for less than €100 with  was set up by Social Entreprenuers Ireland Award Winner Anne Bedos

She wanted to work again the 'throwawayism" endemic in Irish society by opening a shop where recycled and refurbished bikes can be bought. is a community based bicycle shop that sells refurbished bicycles, accessories and second hand parts and offers classes on bicycle repairs and a workshop for repairs. Rothar takes bikes that would be otherwise scrapped and offers works to at-risk young Dublin people in fixing them. 

Their mission statement says:

Rothar reuses and recycles scrap bicycles, reducing waste, providing a sustainable mode of transport and community-based education to promote social inclusion. Our organisation advocates for self-empowerment of disadvantaged communities by promoting vocational training and eco-friendly mobility.

So not only is it good for the planet and the local community, you can get a a recycled bicycle for less than €100 if you look 🙂


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  1. Blánaid says:

    Rothar is aimed at disadvantaged, so not sure the discounted bikes are available to all – many of the local bike shops will happily sell you a 2nd hand bike at similar cost, and you’d be helping to keep them in business too.
    irish cycle chic

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