Saving money advice from John O’Donoghue TD

Saving money advice from John O’Donoghue TD


I recently met  John O’Donoghue in one of the charity shops where he usually buys his suits and he was eager to share some money saving advice with the readers of Thrifty Pages.

Here are some of the best ideas he had for cutting back and making it through the recession:

  • If it is too expensive to get a taxi back from the airport to home, just arrange for your publicly funded car and driver to collect you (even if this means the car driving the same way that you are flying).
  • It is much cheaper in the long run to stay in a €900 a night hotel than to stay with ordinary scruffy unwashed types in a three star hotel and possibly catch an illness that would mean expensive doctors bills.
  • If you are going to attend some fun event, such as a horse race, just find some local bigwig near the race course who would like an official visit and get the tax payer to fund the trip. Of course, you must bring the local bigwig to the horse race and put that on the tab.
  • Don't buy presents for anybody when you can make a presentation on behalf of the Dail or whatever and get it paid for by the tax payer.
  • Don't risk soiling your expensive shoes when walking in the rain between airport terminals like ordinary scruffy types. Hire a limo instead and avoid incurring a huge shoe cleaning bill.

Er, thanks John.

5 Responsesto “Saving money advice from John O’Donoghue TD”

  1. C says:

    Please have more respect for our honest and hardworking politicians!

  2. Jason D says:

    ROFL – n1 A & S.

  3. Joe Scanlon says:

    Nice site folks. Added you to a list of Irish money saving sites over on the blog at LittleQuiz.

  4. John Cullen says:

    Money advice from John o’Donoghue is right on the button, savage satire which
    is well deserved. Voting for the Bull at
    this election or any election, one would
    have to be unhinged to do so. This guy has only one objective in life… ME ME ME. Your correspondent “C” has his
    facts up side down. Mr O’Donoghue should
    have more respect for himself, those who
    wasted their vote electing him to the Dail and his country.

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