Surviving Redundancy – a new website aims to help the recently laid off

Surviving Redundancy is a new Irish website that has been set up by The Panel recruitment company. One of the co-founders is Brendan Burgess, the man behind the excellent consumer finance website, so this new website has a good pedigree!

There are many useful sections on the Surviving Redundancy website, but of particular interest to Thrifty Pages readers is the Financial Guide section which features sections on

  • Your Mortgage
  • Jobseekers Benefit
  • Financial Planning during Redundancy
  • Tax Refunds while Unemployed
  • How Lump Sums are Taxed

The website also offers commercial services such as CV and interview help. Sometimes it can be worth looking at professional services such as these after redundancy as your confidence can take a huge dent. It can be great help to get an objective, professional look at the next step in your career.


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