A cash-less society? Bartering community launched at barter-it.ie

Thrifty Pages was recently contacted by Finnella Naughton who has set up a new, 100% Irish website Barter-it which aims to be Ireland's No 1 Bartering Community.

Inspiration for the site came about when Finnella and a fellow business owner joined forces to negotiate a better magazine-advertising deal. Everyone gained. So now Barter-it has a free community section where people can post and ask for offers on what they have. They are also free to start discussions on whatever they like to discuss. And they can contact like-minded people through Barter-it.

The website also has a Members Lounge where Irish businesses can register and offer goods and services to one another, away from the public gaze. its a valuable place to be for anyone in business looking to source goods without cash.

There are no bank or credit card charges too. Sounds like a great idea when you see what state the Irish banks are in.

Now if I could only barter some fruit and vegetables for a new house, I will be happy 🙂

Link: http://www.barter-it.ie/

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  1. Jo Smith says:

    Another great site for bartering is http://barterquest.com where you can swap your stuff locally and internationally.

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