Special Travelodge room rate deal for IKEA customers!

IKEA have a low price strategy and that makes them OK by Thrifty Pages.

In fact the founder of IKEA is a thrifty thinker:

Frugality is a value highly prized by IKEA's founder, Ingvar Kamprad.
Though listed as one of the world's richest men, he continues to fly
economy as do IKEA's top-level managers when on business travel. Stores
encourage employees to turn out lights in offices, turn off computers
and reduce overall energy consumption by using compact fluorescent

To celebrate the long-awaited opening of IKEA in Ballymun, Travelodge Ireland has announced the introduction of a special ‘flat pack’ room rate of €39 per room per night in its neighbouring Travelodge hotel in Ballymun.

Travelodge Ballymun is also offering a further 15% off the room rate to the first 100 customers who present an IKEA purchase receipt on check-in at the hotel. 

For more information on Travelodge Ballymun’s ‘flat pack’ rate of €39 per room, visit www.travelodge.ie 

So why not make a weekend away of it? Buy furniture and stay over 🙂

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