One world where everybody eats – the pay as you go cafe

This may inspire some budding social entreprenuers out there in the carcass of the Celtic Tiger.

An article in Time Magazine online describes the One World Café in Salt Lake City and the SAME (So All Might Eat) Café in Denver in the USA.

These cafes serve healthy organic food like many others. The difference is that they allow the patron to decide what they want to pay for the meal, even nothing! If you have no money, you are encouraged to pay for your meal by volunteering in the cafe to cook, clean or sweep floors.

"Our philosophy is that everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy, organic food while being treated with dignity," explains Brad Birky, who opened SAME with his wife, Libby…

Brad and his wife have launched a website at to show others how they can set up similar cafes.

The SAME Café has a website at

There is even a documentary on YouTube about volunteering at the cafe 🙂

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