5 ways to deal with a smaller payslip due to the increase in levies

5 ways to deal with a smaller payslip due to the increase in levies


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As you have probably seen when looking at your payslip, recent increases in levies may be hitting your take home pay. 

It is not all bad news though, as some small changes in your behaviour can mean that do not even have to notice these extra deductions. I have some suggestions below that I use to save some extra income.


Refill a bottle for drinking instead of buying more bottled water

You can spend up to €100 a month on bottled water and coffee! Just buy a bottle once and then refill it with tap water. It is all H2O! Just make sure to wash the bottle regularly.


Bring a sandwich to work instead of buying a sandwich

You can save up to €5 or more a day by making your own sandwich and bringing it with you to work or school. There are plenty of frugal sandwich ideas too.


Read the papers online for free instead of buying a paper

This one is obvious! Save nearly €20 a week.


Join the library instead of buying books

There are public libraries in nearly every town and village in Ireland with helpful friendly staff. Try your local library and see if you can save some money on books.


Wash your own car instead of going to the garage

Car washes can be expensive, so cleaning your own car can save you up to €10-€15 a car wash.

And car washes can be dangerous for the unwary 🙂

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