How to save money on petrol

How to save money on petrol

To save money on petrol, drive less 😉

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All joking aside, if you can’t do without a car, you just have to learn how to maximize your petrol consumption and save more.

Here are a few reminders:

  • A regular tune up on your car can do wonders

A regularly tuned up car will not only mean longer life span of the vehicle but can also guarantee better petrol mileage. You don’t have to drive the newest model just to ensure better petrol mileage. The performance will also depend on how you maintain your car’s condition. If everything is working well, you can be sure that you get better petrol mileage, which means less petrol usage.

  • Don’t speed or go too slow!

Try to drive at the correct speed for your car. Smaller cars will get their best mileage at higher speeds. Bigger cars will get their best mileage at lower speeds.

There is a relationship between how much gas your car consumes and how fast you drive. It is a curve and the peak is around 55 mph. When you are going too fast or too slow, you use more gas.

The site has a useful table of car sizes and efficient speeds.

  • Check your air filter

Filters make your car’s engine more cost-effective. If your car has a dirty or congested air filter, replacing it will perk up your car’s petrol mileage up to 10% more. Besides, having clean air filters all the time will ensure your car engine’s optimum performance and durability.

  • Check your tyres

The less efficient your tyres are, the more petrol you use. It is best to always keep your tyres well inflated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Know how to check them regularly.

  • Organize your shopping trips

Getting things organized not only makes life easier to bear but can also save on your petrol expenses. Try to budget your food consumption for the week and have all your groceries bought on a single day.

  • Reduce wind resistance

It is better to keep your windows closed so as to lessen air resistance. Increased drag can increase fuel consumption. This also means no beehive hairdos in your convertible 🙂

  • Check out the best petrol prices

Visit for the best petrol prices in your area. Shop around.

  • If you still need  a car, perhaps you could trade down?

Secondhand car prices are great value at the moment.

Perhaps you could get a smaller car?

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