Seven day menus for budget conscious, healthy eating

Seven day menus for budget conscious, healthy eating

"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch. "
– Orson Welles

I have already mentioned the fantastic website of in relation to how much it costs to live in Ireland, but the website also has a fantastic section on budget conscious, healthy eating.


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The website publishes a list of seven-day food menus that were evaluated by nutritional experts from the Family Budget Unit from University of York for their nutritional value.

These menus are divided up into by meals and the days of the week. They come in PDF format for easy printing and may provide a good start in deciding your own budget menu.

The food menus included are

Don't forget to also check out our friends at for more budget menu tips.

And also – in this time of too much doom and gloom, don't forget that good food can make you happy 🙂

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