Budget Weddings for Thrifty Brides

Budget Weddings for Thrifty Brides


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Weddings justify sensible financial investment where the objective is to spend enough money to satisfy your expectations that are reasonable without sliding into excessive debt.

Top Tips:

  • Borrow a friend’s or relative’s  car to take you to and from the church for the big day.
  • If you are a bride to be, borrow the veil, tiara or wedding jewellery from a friend/relative.  This will generate considerable savings for your wedding budget.
  • Make your own wedding invitations.  If you are short on time, you can purchase these at great prices from eBay, Easons, Tesco or Marks & Spencer etc.
  • Rather than purchasing your wedding dress from expensive bridal outlets, you can buy beautiful and unique bridal gowns from Monsoon, or M&S for half the price (e.g. €200-€300).
  • Alternatively, why not buy a secondhand wedding dress and save a bundle. Shops that sell beautiful dresses which are in mint condition include Oxfam and Barnardos
  • Grooms on the other hand can buy a good quality and competitively priced suits from M&S rather than hiring one out. Your money will go much further by doing this.
  • For beautiful bridesmaids dresses that look just as good as expensive designer dresses try the Next DirectoryMonsoon also stocks great bridesmaids, page boy and flower girl outfits. If you spot something you like online, contact your nearest Monsoon outlet before ordering to see if it is available.  If they don’t have it instore, ask them to order it in for you.  Also check out Monsoon’s non-bridal departments because their evening wear could also be suitable for your wedding.
  • Put your wedding photos in albums from Next or M&S rather than being charged too much by your photographer.  For something different perhaps you can make your own DIY wedding album?

A book that should become your wedding planning bible is How to Have a Champagne Wedding on a Buck’s Fizz Budget  by Sarah Traynor. 

I found this tome to be an invaluable aid in helping me to stick to my wedding budget.  It is packed full of thrifty tips which will help you to save a small fortune!

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