Surviving the recession with the Irish Independent

The recession has been in the news recently and I suppose it is not surprising to find that the Irish Independent has added a new section called "Surviving the Recession" in it's personal finance pages.

The best news of all though is that all that great information is available online for nothing 😉

Recent article topics included recession money saving tips, grocery shopping and phone bill savings. All great for the thrifty reader…


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  1. Edoma says:

    On the spending side don’t wait until they call it a depression, act as if you are in one already and move into a full belt tightening mode. I say cut all luxury and “wants” spending leaving only the true “needs” on the list. Make a mental switch to move away from the wasteful mentality that sucked us all in, and move into the “re-use, re-cycle, conserve, repair” mentality.
    The single most important tool to help with all this is the good old budget, if you did not get into budgeting by now, now is the time. Find a good online budgeting site like the Out-Of-The-Dark (OOTD) which is free and anonymous to use too ( ) and start taking control of your spending without delay.
    Good luck

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