Joining a gym? Questions to ask first…

RTE have introduced a new money section on their website. One of their features includes an article on "what to watch out for when you join a gym". So many people join a gym at this time of year and then never go more than a few times, wasting money and possibly causing themselves guilt in the process 🙂

The questions that the article suggests you ask are the following…

  • Is the gym near your home or work?
  • Does your daily or weekly schedule include enough time to go to the gym?
  • Are the hours the gym is open convenient to you?
  • Are the facilities, equipment and classes at the gym what you are looking for?
  • Can you afford the cost of the gym?
  • What goals do you expect to accomplish at the gym?

If you answer these questions first, perhaps you won't waste any money this year on a gym membership you don't use.

A great New Year's resolution..


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