Four Tips to Save Money on your Wedding Cake

It’s very easy to save money on your wedding cake. Here are four top tips you may want to try…

1. Buy your wedding cake in Marks & Spencers. We bought one for our wedding and it was delicious.  The cake looked professionally made and cost us a fraction of what standard wedding cake would.

2. Decorate your cake yourself.  I decorated my M&S cake using fabric butterflies I found in a gift shop and some fancy ribbon found in a fabric shop. The cake looked great!

3. If you enjoy baking (or have a relative who enjoys baking), home baking your wedding cake is certainly an option.  Perhaps it is time to start dropping some hints to your baking relatives suggesting that a homemade cake would be a great wedding present?

4. Do you actually need a wedding cake?  Perhaps something unique and different is the order of the day.  How about buying a shop made novelty cake, perhaps with your groom’s favourite football team or car?  That could make him smile 😉

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