Four things you may be able to live without in the recession

Now that we are in 2009 and it is really becoming obvious that we are in the economic doldrums, perhaps it is time to consider some personal cutbacks to reflect the cut backs that seem to be happening everywhere else in official Ireland.

You might consider if any of these things would make a difference:

  • Cable / Satellite TV – A basic package from Sky can cost €50 or more to install and then €25 for the box. The actual monthly fees can then go up to €60+.  You could save up to a €1000 or more by getting rid of it. Does watching celebrities in the jungle actually make you happy, or just melt your brain? Try reading! The local library is free 🙂
  • That extra car – Can you justify the cost of two cars? If you really tried (and I mean really – getting up earlier to get the bus, buying the kids some proper rain coats and making them walk to school) could you lose that extra expense? 
  • That extra holiday – I have heard people say that they 'need' their skiing trip during the Irish winter to keep sane. Time to think about whether that extra credit card bill is really worth it? Perhaps concentrating on one good family trip a year would save some money? Remember, it is meant to rain in Ireland, so expect it. Save your holiday money to escape when it is raining during the summer!
  • Personal splurges – We all have them. Mine is buying books (even though I have run out of space to store them and time to read them!) Others buy DVDs, some clothes. How about learning to delay gratification?

That is enough to start with. Get your own Bord Snip Nua going.

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