Five inspirational stories to start the new year

Firstly, happy New Year from all of us here in Thrifty Pages. We hope it is a successful and healthy year for you!

To help you start the new year and inspire you in making the best of 2009, I have provided some links to the lives of people I find make me want to be a better person.

  • No obstacle is too great and every life has something to give: The life of Helen Keller, the deaf blind woman who became a role model for millions of people.
  • There is probably somebody else starting with even less: Freedom from Hunger is an international development organization working in 16 countries across the globe providing local women with small loans (micro credit) to start their own businesses. Their stories may help bring some perspective to the problems we face in Ireland in 2009.
  • Persistence always pays off: The story of James Dyson, who never gave up and persisted in his ambitions and is now a billionaire.
  • You can be tough and be the nice guy: Nobody would call Gandhi a bad person, but his life is an illustration that even the good guys can be tough minded enough to take on entire empires and win.
  • Being positive and optimistic is more powerful than being negative and destructive: Just ask a certain powerful gentleman from the United States of America!

Happy New Year!

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