Booking holiday accommodation? Here’s four websites that could save you thousands

Booking holiday accommodation? Here’s four websites that could save you thousands

The summer is meant to be wet here again this year and with all the economic doom and gloom about, it may not be surprising to hear people talking about booking holidays already. The trouble is, can you go away for a holiday abroad and still be thrifty?

Of course you can, you just have to think a little laterally!

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A recent article in the Irish Times outlined the options available to holiday bargain hunters:

The biggest growth area is renting holiday homes directly from the
owners. Another area that is growing is home exchanges, the perfect way
for families to find similar accommodation to their own home at a
reasonable price.

There are a few websites that can help with these choices:

  • is an internet leader in home swapping that has 24,000+ listings in 110 countries. Home swapping through the website offers a cost effective and comfortable way to find accommodation. The website has 50,000 members who take over 100,000 individual holiday trips per year.
  • is a marketplace for non-commercial exchanging of houses, camper vans or even yachts. You offer your home for exchange and you can save thousands on accommodation costs, a great alternative to renting a holiday property!
So what are the downsides to house
swapping? None that I can actually think of. Otherwise I wouldn't
continue to do it. You pay for your flights, you pick up their car at
the airport, you go to their home, you go native, you eat native, you
play native and you really have a holiday.
  • Don't want to swap your home? How about renting directly from the owner? Vacation Home Rentals is a leading website in the exploding online holiday rental industry. It provides a meeting ground for a broad spectrum of holiday rental property owners and an active stream of travellers interested in renting those properties. 

And don't forget to wear sunscreen 🙂

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  1. Thought your visitors may might be interested in learning about our home exchange website, has over 15,000 listings in 130 countries.
    A home exchange is a great way to save on travel expenses. Not only do you save on accommodation costs but you can also swap your car for additional savings.

  2. Seamus Brady says:

    Thanks! I did not know about, that is useful info for our readers 🙂
    – Seamus

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