A simple tip to save up to €100 + a month

It seems obvious, but we all have things in our lives that we pay others to do. 

The kinds of things that we could do ourselves, but we cannot be bothered, feel we don't have time or just hate doing.

Now obviously, there are services that we require day to day that we cannot do without, working parents and the crèche for instance.

But there may be others than are not as obvious…

How about these?

So the formula is – Stop paying somebody to do X or Y. Do X or Y yourself.

This tip is probably more useful for people where money is more scarce than time. For some people, it makes sense to outsource the cleaning or gardening or whatever. For some time is money.

For others though, an attitude of self-reliance could save you perhaps €10,000 or more a year. This can become a way of thinking 🙂

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  1. kathleen Murphy says:

    This is an excellent site(ThriftyPages) I look forward to reading it from top to bottom every time i have got some really good tips, and passed it on to friends.

  2. Seamus says:

    Thanks Kathleen 🙂
    Nice to hear you like the site!
    – Seamus

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