Three Irish websites where you can find free stuff

The following websites are used by Irish people to trade unwanted goods, presents and other interesting stuff.


  • Jumble Town – “JumbleTown is a virtual Market Place for anyone looking to give away and/or acquire literally thousands of useful items. JumbleTown simply brings ‘Givers’ and ‘Takers’ together. It also promotes the practice of ‘life-cycling’, which is all about ensuring that the life-cycle or usefulness of an item is completed before it is recycled or discarded.” 


  • Dublin Waste Free Trade Section  – “Reusing your unwanted goods is better than simply throwing things away and helps protect the environment. Dublin’s Online FREE Trade service allows you to pass on or pick-up unwanted goods in Dublin FREE of charge. Browse the online database for items or set up an account and start listing your unwanted goods today.” 


  • Buy and Sell Freebies section[id]=226-Freebies

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